Pole Dancing Workshops

At Addictive Pole Fitness- Underwood, we offer a whole range of fun Workshops. Some Workshops may be just one class, and some may go for 2, 3, 4 weeks, or even the whole term! There is something different on offer every term, so that you can always find exciting new things to try.

Below are descriptions of the most common Workshops on offer, but sometimes you will find even more amazing options, including guest instructors, so keep an eye on our Facebook page for details!

Spinning Pole

Our 8 Week Pole Courses are performed on static poles…why not try out the fun of spinning pole! We have Spin 1, 2 and 3 Workshops which involve tricks and combos on the pole, all added into a fun dance routine. Each level increases in difficulty, so you can work your way up as you go! You will need to achieve the pre-requisites of each Spin Workshop to move on to the next one. You will need to wear pole gear for these courses, and heels may be optional- we will let you know for each Workshop announcement.

Exotic Pole

Exotic Pole is all about the sensual, sexy and provocative style of dance that pole is most known for. Exotic makes you feel sexy and is a great way to get in touch with your inner goddess. Heels and knee pads are essential for this class, but don’t worry if you feel clumsy in high heels- we will teach you how to walk in them and how to fake it till you make it! Some Exotic Pole Workshops will cover skills and freestyle techniques- teaching you how to build your own mini routine using the skills you have learned. In other Exotic Workshops you will learn a fully choreographed routine! Our Exotic Courses vary in style as well, from slow and sensual, to dark and grinding, to rocking it out and banging those heels on the ground! Classes are tailored to different levels of ability; which we will let you know about with each Workshop announcement. You will need to wear pole gear for these Workshops. Once you try Exotic, you will be addicted.

Exotic Floor

Exotic Floor is similar to Exotic Pole, but instead of using the pole, you will be learning moves, and or a routine on the floor! Floorwork is its own genre these days, and there are even competitions for Floorwork only! Come and see why this style of dancing is so popular. Knee pads and heels required! You can wear tights if you want to, as pole grip is not required. Classes are tailored to different levels of ability; which we will let you know about with each Workshop announcement.

Lap Dance

The Lap Dance Workshops at Addictive Pole Fitness are known for saving relationships and helping couples make babies…just kidding…or maybe we aren’t? 😉 In Lap Dance Workshop you will learn how to make your partner go wild for you as you show off just how sexy you really are. How do you sit on your partner without squashing them? How do you show yourself in the most flattering way? How do you make your partner beg for more? All of this and more will be covered in this Workshop. Lap Dancing is so much fun and a great way to get outside your comfort zone. We will let you know if you will need to wear tights or pole gear, heels or not…and possibly layers to strip off as well 😉

Just Dance- Contemporary, Hip Hop, Burlesque, Twerk It & More!

Just Dance are a range of Workshops where the pole is generally not used- the focus is on the different styles of dancing. Come and learn the skills that are specific to a dance genre, and then add them into a fully choreographed routine. These workshops are great for honing your skills and helping you with your own performances and routines. We will let you know what to wear and bring before each Workshop.

Acro & Handstands

The Acro & Handstands Workshop is designed to teach you the correct techniques for basic and intermediate floor acrobatics, partner acrobatics and handstands. These are core skills that will improve your poling, allow you to perform even more tricks, and open you up to the world of doubles pole if you want to, as you learn about how to work with a partner in a base/ flyer combination to perform cool moves that you can then take to the pole and beyond! We will let you know what to wear and bring before each Workshop.


Showtime! Is a special Workshop that will run during Show Night terms only, and will involve a fully Choreographed show that suits the theme of the big night! These Workshops are great for those who just love to perform and be a part of a production.

Advanced Combos
This Workshop is for students in Pre-Advanced and above, and will give you a good dose of advanced conditioning, to help you really excel in your poling; as well as trick combos to test you on both sides of the pole, putting together some moves from class, and some new moves too! Usually this Workshop will run over the full term, but sometimes, it might be shorter, and focus on certain types of tricks, such as Flexy tricks, or dynamic tricks like drops.

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