Pleaser USA Pole Shoes


We are authorized resellers of Pleaser USA shoes, which are specifically designed for pole dancers!

We place custom orders with Pleaser about once per term and have them specially sent to the studio for us. This way you can order the exact style you want in your size.

There are thousands of designs to choose from, have a look on the website and then ask us when we are placing an order!

When is the best time to get my first pair of Pleasers? You can buy your first pair of pole shoes whenever you want to! Even Beginner 1 is a great time to start wearing them.

I don’t wear heels much and look like a baby calf when I do…will I be able to dance in pole heels? YES! PleaserUSA design their shoes specifically for pole dancers. They are light-weight, padded and usually have suede inner soles to avoid the foot slipping. The uppers made of plastic or latex make it easier to climb to pole as well!

Which design do you recommend? 6 inches or less is a great starting height for your heels when you are just starting out. We also recommend the plastic upper with an ankle strap so you are nice and secure in your heels.

Can I wear heels that I have at home? Yes, you can wear non-pole heels, but these are not designed for pole dancing, so won’t be as easy to pole in, and depending on what the upper s made out of, the pole may damage your shoes.


To order: 

  • Check the PleaserUSA website
  • Use the online spreadsheet link in the private Facebook group to ask us for a price and availability on your style, colour and size. Prices we quote you are in Australian Dollars and include postage
  • Order and pay at the studio
  • Delivery is usually expected in less than 2 weeks, and you can collect them from the studio!


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