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My name is Karla (nickname Sparky) & I am the owner of the Addictive Pole Fitness Franchise and the Underwood studio.

In my early 20s I was a Registered Nurse for 5 years, specialising in Intensive Care. I needed a lifestyle change to get away from shift work, so I left nursing and became a Personal Trainer and Pole Dance Instructor. Now I am living the ultimate dream and loving every minute, even though there is lots of hard work involved.

I have been poling since 2011, and I am totally addicted and obsessed. I tried pole dancing for a bit of fun and thought it would be a novelty and nothing more. I still remember my first class like it was yesterday- I did some booty shaking and then achieved my first climb on the pole and I was hooked. I went home and looked up some pole dancing on YouTube and never looked back.

The thing that I love about pole the most is the confidence it has given me in my body, and the strength that I now have. The other thing I love equally as much are the friends and ‘family’ I have met, not only in the studios I have trained in, but at pole camps, pole cruise, circus classes and all the other fun stuff I have done since starting pole.

It might sound cliché- but pole dancing really is for all women, no matter what size, age or fitness level. I get goosebumps every time I see someone get excited about achieving a new trick or telling me a story about how their new-found confidence has helped them in other areas of their life…The diverse range of students that we have in our studio, both young and old, with different fitness abilities and body shapes prove that you can achieve anything with dedication, practice and self-belief. My favourite trick is the “Jade Split” and anything that is flexi.

I am also an International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA) PolePro Master Level Instructor, tutoring up-and- coming Instructors from all over the world.

I have so much knowledge and passion to share and look forward to being a part of your pole family.


I Love Poling! My name is Jolie and I am 50 years young!

I have had no previous dance or gymnastics experience, and have two beautiful daughters. I have always enjoyed running and looking and feeling fit.

I found the amazing art of Pole Dancing around two years ago at The Pole Gym Capalaba, and my life has changed ever since then!
Pole Fitness has given me confidence, coordination, flexibility, new friendships, fun, dance and fitness! I have progressed at my own time through all levels and am now an “Advanced” student which is so much fun! If I can do it, anyone can!

Favourite tricks hmmm, love the shoulder mount, superman, pixie sit, butterfly, invert V….you know what, you can learn all of these and more! No matter what age or level you are, Pole Dancing is a sport where you are always learning, always challenging yourself, and always having fun!

See you soon! x

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Hey everyone, I’m Renee! I first tried pole in 2013 and fell in love! I now cannot imagine my life without it. I have met so many amazing people in the pole community and have so much fun teaching. My favorite pole trick would be a ‘leg hang’ or ‘Scorpio’ because I think it looks amazing and is fairly easy to achieve!



Hi my name is Tammy and I have been pole dancing since 2011. Growing up I always loved climbing and tumbling so pole was a natural attraction for me. Coming from a Jazz and Contemporary dance background, I love creating meaningful routines with power and emotion. Having said that I love all styles of pole from sexy right through to comic.

I love the way pole dancing transforms people not just on the outside but also within. I often see shy and self conscious women turn into strong minded, confident individuals who know their true worth.

Give pole a go! I cannot recommend it highly enough. Where else can you get an awesome workout while having an absolute blast at the same time! Where you actually look forward to your workout?

I hope to see you soon! X



Hey hey my name is Commando Fifi (aka Fiona) and I fell in love with pole dancing my very first lesson! Pole offers something for everyone, there is always something new to learn and work on. I am a big believer in the strength and conditioning side of pole, its massive help in progressing up and perfecting all tricks making them look effortless. When it comes to tricks my favourite would have to be shoulder mounts or any move that requires strength. For me strength tricks require a lot of dedication and once you nail that move you have a great sense of achievement and fell highly rewarded. One of the biggest things I love about pole is the supportive community and the lifelong friendships that are formed.




Pole dance is a form of performance art, which combines dance and acrobatics, centred on a vertical pole.

In January 2015 I entered the doors to an unknown world……this world was full of poles, loud music, beautiful inviting faces and new challenges.
Pole dancing has been a saving grace for me. It incorporates muscle strengthening and conditioning and toning along with fun dance routines and tricks I never in my wildest dreams would think my body would be capable of.
Since starting pole I have never looked back! My body is so strong and my mind is even stronger.
The body ACHIEVES what the mind BELIEVES……
This is a statement I stand by because pole dancing has taught me that I can do anything I put my mind to.
I am Dominique – Also known as ‘The Dom’ and I am your Services Coordinator at Addictive Pole Fitness and completely devoted pole freak!
Looking forward to seeing you in the studio!!!!



Hey, I’m Steph and I have been pole dancing now since 2012. My journey began wanting to do something completely different and out of my comfort zone and from the very first class I have been in love! It is addictive and challenging, but it is amazing what you can achieve!

I have found pole dancing has massively helped build my confidence as it is a safe and accepting community. My favourite trick would have to be superman, but I really love any moves that require a lot of strength, as for me these are the most challenging and rewarding when achieved.

I hope to pole with you soon x

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Hi, my name is Mikki and I love to dance! From the moment I could walk I was always ‘prancing about’. I began Jazz lessons at the age of 5 and I’ve studied many other styles of dance since (Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Highland, Bollywood, Modern Jive). I am also passionate about theatre and Arts Education.In 2013 I was growing tired of my usual dance classes and wanted something that was more of a challenge. It was just my luck that Addictive Pole Fitness Underwood (previously it was called The Pole Gym Underwood) was due to open close to home. I waited in anticipation and I joined up to Level 1 as soon as the studio opened. I’ve worked my way up through the levels and I’m so excited that I was in the first ever group of Graduates from Underwood. My favourite trick of the moment is a Sphere Drop. My goals for the year are to continue working on strength based tricks and my Jade Split.We have a fabulous pole family- an amazing group of women who are kind, supportive, generous and ALWAYS lift each other up.

Pole has changed my life for the better! It has made me stronger than I ever imagined I could be, it has given me more confidence, I am proud of my body and the things it can do and  pole dancing has opened up the opportunity for me to fulfil a lifelong dream to teach dance!

I am ecstatic to be working as an instructor at Addictive Pole Fitness Underwood, and I can’t wait to help women find empowerment, confidence and pride in themselves through the magical power of pole. Come play with me soon



Hey guys, I’m Kayla and I have been poling since 2013 and I am completely addicted. I started off with a friend just to see what it was all about as I was to shy to go myself and from my very first lesson I was hooked. Coming from a dance background throughout school I have always loved dancing and especially learning or choreographing routines to my favourite songs.

I am so excited to be an instructor at Addictive Pole Fitness Underwood, as I have aspired to pursue this after receiving my very first level one certificate.  I am extremely passionate about this gym as it has made me feel at home from the minute I stepped foot inside. It allows me to forget all life’s dramas and busyness after a busy day at work and just have fun and be myself doing something I LOVE. It is really hard to describe the atmosphere throughout this gym and the family we have created but I don’t know what I would do now without all of my pole sisters. I really have met THE most beautiful kind hearted people at Addictive Pole Fitness Underwood who I am proud to call my family.

I have always believed in being unique and allowing your own personality to shine through dance, there is no right or wrong way to do it just move. I hope to see more wonderful unique personalities come join the family soon.



I’ve been a student with the pole studio since its doors first opened in 2013. I have previously been a registered nurse, a beautician, a university tutor/associate lecturer, and a short story writer. I now haphazardly write a pole blog called Grip and Squeeze about my pole journey – haphazardly because I can be lazy and life distracts me. You can find it at

I’m a 48 year old mum and very reluctant fitness acquirer. I pole because mainstream fitness makes me yawn, and being lazy I need something to inspire me to actually turn up to class. Pole dancing, especially the sexy/sensual/floor style that I love, gets me showing up every time. Pole truly makes you sweat, breath hard, ache in all the right places, and yearn to do better with each lesson. Classes leave you feeling like a sexy, hot, diva who just owned that session, or who will own it more every time she does it.

I’m the self-appointed go to woman for information regarding pole shoes, specifically the brand Pleaser. Pole shoes are one of my passions; if you’re going to invest and wear pole heels, you need to get them right… I have 17 pairs and still need more to test my theory.

I cannot wait to meet you, to watch you grow as a poler, and find out what your body is capable of – no matter what your size or your age… and I’ll have you strutting in heels in no time. xox

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Australian born Justine, a professionally trained ballerina, has recently returned to her home country Australia after 10 years in London, where she opened the first of her growing number of Pole & Circus studios Ecole de Pole in 2010, (now also in Singapore!)
Justine tied 1stplace on points at Miss Pole Dance UK 2011, A World Pole Sports Semi Finalist in Budapest 2011 and ranked in the World’s Top 25 at the 2012 International Pole Championships (IPC), has been nominated for Instructor of the Year at IPC 2 years running, and has performed in the prestigious ‘Gravity’ show Mexico, and the Pole Convention ‘Showcase of the Stars’ in the USA as well as Australia’s Pole Reflections Show.
Her biggest venture is now her EAT SLEEP POLE RETREAT – Pole Camps, known for their star worthy instructor line ups, off the hook parties and amazing holiday activities, across different countries throughout the year in Asia and Europe. She is an X-Pole Australia Ambassador and the face of Pole Motion DVD’s.
She brought her unique Contemporary Pole style (making use of all that ballet background), to the mainstream in 2012, reaching the Top 34 of Sky 1’s Got To Dance in 2012, with a dream come true moment with one of her dance idols, Adam Garcia (who went to the same dance school as her in Sydney as kids), teaching him a pole move on screen (and nabbing a kiss and a cuddle from him too).
When not poling… Justine can be found doing one of her other loves… drinking red wine (in abundance)… building children’s homes in Thailand (she holds a degree with a major in Thai and Asian Studies), hanging out with her famous pole Chihuahua Chilli, watching the V8 supercars or dabbling in some handstanding or scaling climbing walls!


Hey guys my name is Sarah and I have been poling on and off for since 2012. I started pole to try something different, so I got a group of about 6 girls from work and we went to a Taster Class. I come from a background of jazz, cheerleading and hiphop so the dance side of things was my favourite. Now I love every part of pole dancing.
I am the newest member of the APF team and absolutely love having the opportunity to be able to teach such amazing inspiring woman and work with such a wonderful bunch of ladies <3
I cant wait to get stuck into instructing next term and training myself for up and coming opportunities.
I used to say dance was my happy place until I discovered pole… now pole is definitely my no.1 happy place
Love always
Sar xoxo


Ishvi is an avid rockclimber, enthusiastic pole dance instructor and passionate yoga teacher. Ishvi started pole dancing to have fun, build friendships and overcome serious stage freight. Ishvi is also a food addict, loving all things asian, bbq, meats&cheese and especially tea!


Kat has been poling since 2013 and has recently joined the Addictive Pole Fitness team as an instructor. Usually one half of Kat&Adele, Kat has recently ventured into Solo performing as well. Kat’s performances are usually inspired by characters, costumes and props and loves creating her own pieces to wear and dance with.


Hi I’m Emily and I started pole dancing in 2014 and I’ve been hooked ever since. Before starting I never could of imagined that I would be able to do a chin up or even walk in the smallest of heels and now I am very proud to say that I can do 3 chin ups in a row and can rock 8″ pleasers while doing incredible tricks I could only have dreamed of at the start.
I did gymnastics for about 6 years throughout school so it’s not surprising I’m obsessed with all things acro and bendy. Handstands, walkovers, rolls and splits are just a few of my favourite things to play with and incorporate into routines

Hello fellow pole dancers, (or soon to be dancers) my name is Amanda and I like to call myself Little Miss Panda. I’ve always had a passion for dance and fitness but felt self conscious and insecure at the gym. In search for a fun training environment in 2015, I discovered the world of pole dancing. Initially, just like anyone, I was a bit timid but it didn’t take long for my confidence to build as well as the confidence of the other women around me. We all had fun and encouraged eachother along the way. I fell in love with this sport. Now I’m left inspired to give back to my present and future students exactly what my instructor gave me when I first started. Strength, empowerment and a little tough love to get me where I am today. So time to slap on some Dry Hands and throw on a pair of Pleasers heels and let’s get started! ???? Pole Kisses xxx Amanda aka Little Miss Panda


Hi my name is Eleanor. I have been dancing since I was three years old in jazz, contemporary and hip-hop. I joined Addictive Pole Fitness in 2015 looking for another challenge. Over the last couple of years I have progressed through the levels and become more confident within myself as a person and a dancer. Addictive Pole Fitness has opened another world of dance for me and has created a passion for creating routines and trick combinations. I look forward to seeing you in the studio.


Hi, my name is Tracey and I’ve been pole dancing for 3 and a half years.
I first discovered pole by accident when I was looking for a new Latin dance class to try and pole classes came up in my google search instead. I immediately booked in for a class and think it was meant to be because I have been obsessed with pole dance ever since! I love everything about pole and a day rarely goes by when I don’t either go to a class, train at home or watch pole videos for inspiration on Instagram and YouTube.
As a 45 year old mother of two teenage boys, I at first wondered if I’d be too old for pole dancing, but now I know there’s no such thing as too old for pole!! I might sound obsessed but pole dance really is the best thing I’ve ever done. I look forward to seeing you at the studio soon

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