How To Book Your Casual Classes

Using The App (Recommended):

  1. Download the Mind Body Connect App on your smart phone
  2. Search for “Addictive Pole Fitness” and your studio suburb using the symbol or click the menu symbol and choose “Find A Business”.
  3. Click the star icon to add the studio to your favourites.
  4. Scroll down to where it says “Upcoming Classes” and click “View All”
  5. Use the Calendar icon or scroll sideways through the dates to find the week that you would like to book classes for. Note that a Green pen and paper symbol means that you can book in for that class. A Blue clipboard means that the class is fully booked- you can still click this symbol to see if waitlist is available. The orange phone symbol means that you need to book at the studio, or that we don’t take online bookings for that class.



Choose a class and book in by clicking the green pen and paper picture on the right.A screen will open and either give you payment options to choose from, or let you know if you have passes available for use. Choose to either pay, or to use your pass and book in.

A confirmation will pop up saying “Thanks for bookings this class” and give you options to cancel, add to your calendar (this will sync the class to your phone calendar) or call the studio.

Important Things To Note About Booking: 

✔ Make sure you are signing in to your account using the email you gave us at the studio. If your Facebook email is different to the email you gave us, then you are essentially creating a new login, so any passes you have bought (your direct debits) won’t be linked to that account.
✔ If you don’t have a casual pass (ie: if you paid in full for your course only) you will need to pay for bookings. Everyone who is on direct debit has causal pass included. If your payment declined yesterday, it will be asking you to pay for bookings as well, because you haven’t paid this week. Contact your studio to get your payment up to date so you can book.
✔ The system will use the oldest purchased passes FIRST, so it will apply remaining 10 pack passes to your bookings if you have them. Just leave this as is, and once you have used those credits, the weekly casual pass will be used.
✔If you need to see if you have been debited for the week and have a Casual Pass available, go to “My Info” and then “My Passes” and it should have a Casual Pass on the list with an expiry of the next Monday. Each week this will be the same, but the expiry date will change. One week debit = one week pass.

✔You will be able to book in for the current week only, each week from Monday when the payments get processed. These are batched, so some will come out before others, so keep an eye on your app on Mondays. If you still have 10 pack credits remaining, you can use those for weeks in the future.

If you are on the waitlist, please keep an eye out for an email that you will receive if you are bumped up to the class. If you get bumped up and don’t know, you will be listed as a no-show! 

If you are experiencing trouble with the app, and you are sure that you are using the correct login email (for example you can use that login email successfully on the website bookings system, see below, follow these instructions: In the app, go to “Settings” and scroll down to “Mind Body Support” then “Submit A Ticket”. The app technical support team will help you.

Booking Etiquette!

✔Please only book in for classes that you genuinely intend on coming to. Sometimes on Mondays when payments come out and students start booking, some people tend to book in absolutely everything so that they ‘bags’ their spot, and then they go back through and take out classes they don’t really want for the week. This means that some classes fill up straight away, and other students freak out because they think they can’t book anything. So please book for what you really think you will be attending.

✔ If you are booked for a class and you can no longer make it, make sure you CANCEL your booking at least 2 hours before the class starts, so that other students have enough time to take the spot, and get ready to come to the studio. All “No-shows” (those booked in for a class who don’t cancel and don’t show up) will be named on the private page and will not be able to attend that same class the following week. You don’t need to post in the Facebook page to let us know that you have cancelled, as this clogs up the page- simply cancel your spot 🙂

Other cool features of the app:

  • You can click on the symbol and see your schedule for all of the classes you are booked in for. You can make changes from here too- click the class and if you want to cancel, follow the prompt.
  • Also under the symbol, you can click “My Info” and see your purchases and how many classes you have left if you have a 10 Pack Pass.
  • You can link your Facebook account with connect!
  • You can link your Fitbit to Connect!
  • You can leave us a review on Connect so that others can see what you think of our classes.

Using The Website (try this is you can’t use the app)

  1. Go to the “Studios” tab on our website and hover over your studio. This will open up the menu. Choose “Book in For Casual Classes Here”
  2. Scroll down to the class you would like to book in for and click “See when (classname) is Offered”
  3. Click the grey “Sign Up” button and follow the prompts to sign in and book or apply payment.
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