Casual Pole Dancing Classes

Casual Classes can be attended by all ladies, you do not need to be enrolled in a pole dancing Course to attend- however bookings are required. Casual classes cover all sorts of different things, see our class descriptions below to choose which casual classes you would like to come along for!

*Open To ALL Levels Of Ability- unless otherwise noted on the timetable
*No Experience Necessary, you can come along as a first timer, and you even get your first Casual Class free!
*Fun & Unique Workouts
*Escape From The Everyday & Try Something New
*Guaranteed To Improve Your Poling!

Here are some of the exciting Casual Classes available at Addictive Pole Fitness:


Choreo (Perfect for first timers)
Choreo is a fun Casual Class where each week you will dance to a different song…and yes we take requests! Choreo is a pole dancing class which focuses on keeping you moving for a great workout, with some tricks and combos thrown in for something new to try. But don’t worry, this class is suited to everyone! We have trick variations and ideas to suit all levels! Your Instructor will create the beginning and the chorus of the routine, and then students can choose to contribute their own parts of the routine for the group. If you haven’t tried pole before – this is a great class to try out for your first time.





Strength & Tone

If you want to improve fitness, build up strength for on the pole, or just in general, want to tone up, lose weight and get your heart pumping, then Strength & Tone is for you! Sometimes we use the pole, but more often than not, this class is similar to bootcamp, so you can wear tights or your favourite workout gear. This class is suited to all levels, and you can take extra breaks if you need to, so don’t be afraid, grab your towel and water bottle and come in for a great workout! This class is suited to first timers, however, it as it is more focused on a workout, you may not get a real taste for what pole dancing is all about, so if this is what you are looking for try Choreo or Tricksters.



Tricksters (perfect for first timers)
Tricksters class is all about the spins, lifts and tricks of pole! Get tips to help you nail a trick you have been working on or try something new. Our instructors have so many exciting tricks to help you with, so come along and give this class a try. You may walk away with a cool new trick up your sleeve, or some things to work towards and dream about This is a great class for first timers to come and see what pole fitness is about.





Our flexxy classes will help you work towards your flexibility goals, whether you just want to be able to touch your toes, or you are ready to try oversplits and elbow stand backbends! No matter what level of flexxy you are at, we can always help you go further. Flexxy is also great for improving body movement, joint range of motion and protecting the body from injuries and pains.

Flexxy Express is the same class, only it runs over 30 minutes, and is usually scheduled towards the end of the night, as students are already warm and ready for a good stretching session.


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