Pole Dancing at Home


Addictive Pole Fitness Underwood are authorised resellers of X-Pole Australia, so we can order your home pole for you!

**We recommend that you have completed Intermediate Prep before buying your own pole for home. Why? By this stage you will have learned how to perform split grips and inversions safely and with correct technique, to ensure you are safe while practicing on your home pole. Sometimes we find that students are super keen when they start out, and want to buy a pole for home right away! But then little niggling injuries like wrist and rib/ shoulder pain begin to crop up. This may be due to not being able to really see if you are using correct technique when practicing at home. Of course you can buy a pole whenever you want to, this is just our advice- we care about the safety of our students 🙂

X-Poles are fully removable. They are tension mounted, using the floor and the ceiling beam to stay upright and secure. No screws or bolts required. All you need to do is find the ceiling beam/ stud/ joist, and follow the instructions to install your pole. You can put it up and down whenever you want to.

XStage Poles have their own stage and do not require a ceiling, but you do need at least 3 metres clearance for this model. The pole can be cut down to size if needed though.

Our Studio poles are 45mm brass, brass is the best for grip for most skin types, however it is more expensive than other finishes. Stainless steel is the next best option, but does feel very different to brass if you are not used to it.

The smaller diameter are easier for hand grip and the larger diameter are easier for legs to grip (we recommend 45mm or smaller). The XPert model are able to be locked for static, or unlocked for spin. The XSport model is static only. There are additional parts available for extensions or unusual ceiling types, please check the XPole Australia website for all the information for your own requirements, and pricing. If you order and pay at the studio you don’t have to pay postage costs (Saves $50 on shipping ***This doesn’t apply to sale items). Don’t forget to give us your address and mobile number at time of paying- your pole will be shipped directly to you! 

First and foremost your safety is paramount. Please ensure when you are practising on your pole at home, especially if you’re practising tricks, that you always have a drop mat and/or spotter.

To order: 

  • Check the XPole Australia website for your chosen type, finish, size and make sure it is IN STOCK. If it is out of stock, email Karla at underwood@addictivepolefitness.com and she will find out an estimated shipment date.
  • If your pole is in stock and you are ready to go- Order and pay at the studio. We accept cash, eftpos, credit cards.
  • We will order direct from XPole Australia and let you know when your pole is in- usually only 2 weeks if they have your pole in stock.
  • Don’t forget to give us your address and mobile number at time of paying- your pole will be shipped directly to you! 
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