Pole Fitness Beginners Information


Why are pole dancing classes so popular compared to the gym? 

It’s pretty simple really-

  1. Pole dancing classes are FUN so you will actually enjoy coming to class and keep coming back. STOP wasting time and money on regular gym memberships where you struggle to stay motivated.  Consistency = results!
  2. Lifting your own body weight as you move up and around the pole burns body fat and builds lean muscle, meaning you will continue burning calories long after class finishes, and burn more, even when resting. Saying you are not strong enough to pole dance is like saying you are too dirty to take a bath! We will help you build your strength from Day 1.
  3.  Pole fitness and pole dancing classes help you focus on what your body can DO, rather than what it looks like. Yes you will lose fat, tone up and slim down…but you will change your focus and learn to love your body rather than focusing on all the parts you don’t like which means a more confident, happier you.
  4. Pole dancing and pole fitness have an amazing community of women who support each other. We have ladies of all shapes, sizes and fitness abilities…none of that matters and you won’t feel judged. We love supporting each other and having fun together while we pole!

Pole dancing classes are completely different to other gym workouts- the Beginner Courses at Addictive Pole Fitness have been specially designed to give you the tools to build strength and confidence in a supportive environment.

Pole fitness classes are a great all-over body workout, meaning that you get FAST results. It will help you lose weight, tone up, feel more confident and have a new lease on life. You don’t need to have any level of fitness, coordination, dance ability or flexibility to start.

Pole dancing classes are for every woman, no matter your age, shape or fitness level. At Addictive Pole Fitness we have classes from absolute Beginners up to Advanced, and lots of fun stuff to do in between.

In your classes at Addictive Pole Fitness, we will help you each week to learn the basic tricks, spins and dance moves in a fun and supportive environment. It is addictive (hence the name!) and it is very sociable- you will make friends and it will change your life!

What do the different class types mean?

At Addictive Pole Fitness we have 2 main class types:

  • Course Classes- All classes which say “Course” after the class name on the timetable- for example Beginner 1 Course. Course Classes can be attended by enrollment for the term (no drop in attendance). During the term you will learn a specially formulated curriculum including tricks, strengthening, dance choreography and stretching to help you learn how to pole dance, right from absolute beginner level. Course Classes run for 8 Weeks or 4 Weeks (starts half way through term).
  • Casual Classes- All classes which say “Casual” after the class name on the Timetable. These classes can be attended by students enrolled in a Course, or on a casual drop-in basis even if you aren’t doing a Course with us. They are suited to all levels and we have multiple Casual Classes to choose from each day. You can start doing Casual Classes anytime!


What is involved in a typical Beginner Course class? 

Most students who come to us as beginners tell us that they want to try pole dancing classes because they are bored with the gym, they don’t use their gym membership, and they feel like just another number at their gym. Some ladies who come to pole have not exercised ever, or for a very long time, and may have had time off to have babies, or have just been super busy and forgotten to do something for themselves. We have ladies who are of all shapes, sizes, fitness abilities and ages from 14 to in their 60’s. To answer a very common question- no there is no weight limit on our poles, and we have several plus-sized ladies who do amazing things on the pole too!

We pride ourselves on getting to know all of our students by name. Many ladies come to us ‘flying solo’ and don’t have a friend at the beginning, but don’t worry, you will get to know your group and become friends very quickly. You are all in the same boat, and usually everyone feels a little nervous the first couple of times they come to the studio.

In Beginners, we ease you into things. We take you through a gentle, safe, yet effective warm-up at the start of the class, to prepare your body for the pole moves and dancing. We then incorporate some basic strengthening exercises that are designed to help you slowly and safely build strength and confidence on the pole. Then we move onto the ‘tricks’ and dancing section of the class, learning a couple of tricks in a class, and then put into a fun dance routine taught by your instructor. By the end of the term, you will know a whole dance routine, with about 6 different beginner tricks included! Each class concludes with a cool down and stretching.

There are plenty of water breaks and we are happy for you to take things at your own pace…there are no drill sergeant instructors here, but don’t let that fool you- you WILL get a good workout!

No dance background? No problem- we don’t expect you to move like Beyonce, we just want you to have fun

Feeling nervous and want to check it out before signing up? 

We know that people don’t quite know what to expect inside a pole dancing studio, and feel that they are not fit enough, skinny enough, young enough, strong enough, flexible enough…you name it, we hear these things all the time. This is why we have free trials available, so that you can come into the studio and see that it is a friendly place, with ladies of all sorts, having fun and achieving amazing things!

The first option is what is called a FREE Taster Class. These sessions run for 30 minutes and are designed as an introduction to the studio. We bring you in and show you around, and then take you through a gentle warm-up, teach you how to twirl around the pole and then explain our classes, and answer any questions you may have. These usually run twice each week, and bookings are required. Click on your preferred studio to see which days and times are currently on offer. Bookings are essential.

The second option is to come along to one of the Casual Classes on our schedule and get your first class FREE. The Casual Classes are all different, and suited to first timers, unless otherwise stated in bold. We recommend “Tricksters” or “Choreo” as great first classes to come to, because they give you the best feel for what pole is all about. You are more than welcome to come to a “Strength & Tone” or Flexxy class instead, just as long as you are aware that these classes don’t really involve much pole work, so might not give you the best idea of what pole is all about. Click on your preferred studio to see which days and times are currently on offer. Bookings are essential.

What do I need to wear and what else can I expect? 

We need to use our skin to grip the pole, so we wear shorts. Some ladies feel nervous about wearing shorts, so if this is you, we recommend wearing longer, but loose fitting shorts that you can pull up when you need to grip the pole with your thighs. Any comfortable top is fine, and we usually dance in bare feet.

Sometimes you can expect minor bruises where your skin comes into contact with the pole, but this disappears over time as your body adjusts. You can also expect to have muscle soreness the day or two after class- pole is a very good workout! Again, you will adjust to this, and the soreness is not expected to be more than what you get if you attend any other form of new exercise.

Most students begin in Beginner 1 or our 4 Week Intro Course, and then you work your way up through the levels as you are able to, progressing through Levels as you are able to. Our terms are 8 weeks, and it is not uncommon to do levels more than once, but everyone is different. If you repeat the same level, you will learn the same tricks, but to a different song, and some students may repeat a level multiple times until they are ready to move up. This is totally fine  If you think you would like to start a higher level or progress faster, you can undertake a 30 minute assessment with an instructor for $20 to see which level is recommended to you.

Our Studio’s have both on and off street parking available. We have flattering lighting (no nasty fleuro lights) so you feel more comfortable in your shorts  We have a toilet and change room if you need to come straight from work.

We also have a Private Facebook group for current students, and this is a hub of activity with students sharing their progress. There is a social group called The Brass Monkeys, which has monthly catch ups doing all sorts of things, and we often get together in groups to go to watch pole competitions and do other fun activities. We have optional Student Creations and Performance Nights for those who would like to participate as well.

If you are looking for something that you can do for yourself, to make you feel good, look good, and give you time out, then give pole a try at Addictive Pole Fitness! Underwood, Hillcrest and Ormeau studio locations currently available in Queensland.

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