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Do you feel out of place in gyms? Have you ever been curious to try Pole dance and pole fitness classes and find out what your body is really capable of but these questions/doubts keep running through your mind…

Will the pole hold my weight? What if people judge me? I’m not strong enough, I’m just too big.

Well here are your answers:
YES the pole will hold your weight
NO you won’t be judged, you will find a supportive, loving, caring bunch of ladies who support and encourage you
YES you have strength! Walk through the door and we will show you how strong you really are
NO you are not too big.

Sexy comes in all shapes and sizes and pole dancing classes are an all-over body workout that you will actually enjoy…we have lots of fun!


In this class we will work on strengthening all areas of your body, learning how your body moves and embracing it, how to position your body on the pole enabling you to get the best grip and hold.

Addictive Curves is a great option for ladies looking for pole dance classes Brisbane or Gold Coast and would like to see what pole fitness classes are like, compared to other group fitness classes. Curves is run as a Course for the term, meaning there is no drop-in attendance for this class. You are allocated your own pole when you sign up for the Addictive Curves Course.

Every week we will work on a core range of pole tricks; climbs, pole sit, split grips, knee hook spin- forwards and backwards, and fireman spin.
On top of all this you will also get to learn new tricks and put all this hard work into a dance routine.

All new students get a discount for the first term. Direct Debit is our preferred payment method and we offer generous discounts for using this method. Most pole fitness studios charge for each separate class you come to…at Addictive Pole Fitness, we have made an all-inclusive package to make things simple and give you amazing value for money!

Your Direct Debits include:

  • Your Addictive Curves Course Class each week
  • Casual Classes (see the timetable, all classes with ‘Casual’ in the class name are included! Come to the classes which suit you each week. These cover all areas of pole fitness classes including strengthening, flexibility, tricks and dance choreography)
  • Open Practice and Course Catch Ups
  • Other discounts and benefits

Getting to the studio is the hardest step…it is nerve-wracking, we get it! But we promise that you will feel welcome. Yes we do have free Taster classes available, but we know that this might be too confronting at first, so we would like to invite you to come and have a peak at our Curves class and the studio!

Get in touch with us today for a chat or to book a studio visit or FREE Taster Class:

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