8 Week Pole Course Pathway

All of our 8 Week Pole Courses at Addictive Pole Fitness are specially designed so that you learn how to pole dance safely. Pole moves, also known as “Tricks” are taught at a basic level from Beginner 1, and then built on with each level that you progress up. All of our 8 Week Pole Courses include a dance routine as well, so you can put those tricks into practice, and get a great workout, plus performance practice for yourself, and maybe performance night or even competitions down the track!

At the end of the term you will be assessed in your class environment by your instructor to see which level you will do the following term. You will need to meet set pre-requisites before you are able to move up. These will be available to you from week 1 of term so that you know what you are working on. The assessments are informal and done in the group environment so that students are not singled out in the process.

If assessments are not for you and you would prefer not to do this system, we have an amazing course for you called “Pole Pleasures”. Pole Pleasures is an 8 week pole course that DOES include tricks and combinations, with variations included for those who have different ability levels. The song, theme and trick combinations are different every single term, so you never get bored! You can stay in Pole Pleasures forever if you want to, or you can do it if the timetable doesn’t suit you, or you are injured, unfit, returning from pregnancy or other time off.

Read below for a basic description of our 8 Week Pole Courses:


Start at Beginner 1!

Beginner 1 is the beginning of your pole journey. Learn how to climb the pole, perform a ‘pole sit’ and do various spins, as well as other tricks and moves like body waves and your first basic ‘floorwork’. All of this will be included in a fun dance routine, and each class will include special strengthening moves that will help you build fitness and strength specific to pole dancing.

Beginner 2

Beginner 2 will build on the tricks you learnt in Beginner 1, with some variations designed to challenge you a bit more. You will now be becoming used to holding your body off the ground in various ways, and building some impressive strength!

Intermediate Prep

Now it is time to go upside down! Intermediate Prep is all about different types of inversions, from standing on the floor next to your pole, and also from sitting on your pole. We will also be including some revision tricks from B1 and B2 in your Intermediate Prep routine.

Intermediate 1

Now that you can perform strong inversions, it is time to start doing some more fun moves on the pole! In Intermediate 2 the tricks are building in difficulty, and you will find yourself doing things you may never have dreamt of!

Intermediate 2

Intermediate 2 is where you will be once your split grip tricks and inverted leg and hip holds are nice and strong. This routine is guaranteed to get your heart pumping.


Pre-Advanced will cover many of the core advanced moves that you will need to be confident in, to head into the Advanced levels. These moves will be put into a dance routine for extra challenge.

Advanced 1

In the Advanced 1 Course you will work on set skills that require use of the strength and flexibility you have built up as you moved through the levels. Each term your instructor will hand pick a couple of these core moves and add them into a choreographed routine, which will also include sections for you to start building your own trick combinations that will be included in the routine!

Students should plan on staying here for several terms, or forever if they wish!

Advanced 2

Advanced 2 is an invite-only level which is suited to students who demonstrate strong, confident technique in the preceding levels, passing all pre-requisites with flying colours, who have an intermediate level of flexibility and who have completed Spin Pole workshops 1, 2 and 3 (or equivalent) and are generally ready for competitive level pole. This course will cover core moves that will be worked on each term, as they are expected to take a longer period of time to master.

Each term your instructor will hand pick a core move (maybe more) and some of the other fun combos, and add them into a choreographed routine, which will also include sections for students to design and perform their own trick combinations that will be included in the routine.

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